Coming back to life, slowly.

Sitting at home working after a rough weekend - first my back was a mess, then I wound up with a mild version (sans the vomit, thank goodness) of what the little one had. Not going in today, since I don't want to pass along anything.

Hope all is well out there in LiveJournal land. I hardly ever read or post here or Twitter anymore - my time is mostly spent on G+ and FB. I am considering dropping LJ completely.

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a happy holiday, everyone. Realizing that most people give thanks for people and things as they relate to themselves, I'd like to be thankful for something other than selfish reasons. I am thankful for _your_ health and ability to speak your mind. I am thankful for you, my friends. And I hope that you all had a good year, with an even better one on the horizon.

Survived and thriving

We could have stayed in Huntsville, but without power and with limited water in the area, we figured it would be better for us and the kids to remove ourselves and not be a drain on the infrastructure.

Also, after a couple of days, a nice hot shower was really nice. We left the neighbors (who have a generator) watching the house with instructions to shoot any looters. Meanwhile, we are in Franklin TN until the power is back on - several days from now at least.

Hmm. Nice, I can continue to feed my family.

Although I love my job and believe in NASA as an employer who makes a positive impact on the U.S. and world, and though I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out I was not going to be furloughed, I am damn sick and tired of working at the whim of a government who can't work together well enough to keep its own people on the job.

I don't give a good god damn about whose fault it is, nor do I care to hear about why the government SHOULD shut down because they have been spending money like drunken sailors on shore leave. When I take a job, I like to think that some capricious political wrangling isn't going to put me in a spot where I can't pay my bills. I am a responsible man, who has been working for over 30 years, not some kid who flips burgers to pay for their WoW fix. I take my responsibility seriously, and I think the government and the government contractors should, too.

That is all.

Twisted Bedtime Stories

For many years, I ran a panel at conventions called Twisted Bedtime Stories. I've finally gotten off my ass and started writing again, and am 85% complete with the first volume - to be self-published as an Amazon Single for $1.99

The writing part is harder now than ever, considering the obligations of family and work. But given the current economy, I really need some extra income *just in case*.

Moses doesn't work at NASA

My building had a broken pipe that flooded a large section over the weekend. Apparently it stinks, and water got under the raised floor where the cubicles are. I'm lucky I have a laptop and can VPN in. We can't catch a break; they are going to do some work on the back parking lot right after they get all this done.